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Frederick Douglass

Character Traits

Frederick Douglass was a slave who ran away from slavery to be free. I chose to write about him because i found it interesting to write about someone who was a slave and ended their life as someone very famous. Frederick Douglass became famous, he escaped slavery and started writing and making speeches to show people the horrors he went through as a slave. By that he showed everyone that black people shouldn't be treated different and should have the same freedom as everyone else has.

1818 Frederick Douglass was born.1819 At the age of 1 he was taken away from his mother while he was taken care of from an old woman.1825 His mother died when he was only 7 years old.1827 Frederick Douglass was being taught how to read by his master; Sophia Auld but stopped because of her husbands thoughts.1829 His old master; Captain Anthony died1832 He left baltimore and went to live with Master Thomas Auld. 1833 Was sent to live with Mr. Covey,On Christmas day his terms of services to Mr. Covey finally ended.1834 He left Mr. Covey and went to live with Mr. William.1835 After running away Frederick was hired to work at a shipyard.1838 Made it into New York City.1841 Frederick douglass was in a anti-slavery convention.1847 Published his own newspaper called the North Star.1860 during civil war Frederick was a consultant to Abraham Lincoln.1871 Frederick became assistant secretary of the S.D.C.1877 He became marshal in district of Columbia.1889 Served as a U.S prime minister in Haiti.1895 Frederick Douglass died.

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Name: Frederick Douglassbirth date: February 1818Place of birth: Tuckahoe,Marylanddeath date: February 20, 1895Place of death: Washington, D.C.

I think that the Character trait Frederick Douglass had was to be brave like he was. He didnt want to be a slave anymore he wanted to be free and just because he was a slave didnt stop him from doing it. He wasnt afraid of doing what he wanted because he knew that that was what he wanted and he didnt want to give that up. Frederick Douglass was being brave because even though he could have gotten caught or even killed he took that risk and overcame it. Frederick Douglass was teaching us how to be brave

Video of Frederick Douglass' speech!!

"If there is no struggle there is no progress."-Frederick Douglass


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