Frederick Douglass Directions & Rubric

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Frederick Douglass Directions & Rubric

Frederick Douglass Glog Directions and Rubric

AbolitionistON page 79, there are several abolitionists that helped slaves escape. Choose one of those slaves and write a short 4-6 sentence paragraph about how they helped runaway slaves. Write a short introduction about them and then their effort.

Compare and ContrastCreate a short diagram about comparing life on the plantation as a slave and life in Baltimore as a slave. Write at least three things that are the same and three things that are different.

ThemeOn page 166, there are several themes that weave their way through the book. Choose one of these themes and expand on it. Reference a chapter in which you think most reflects that theme and summarize that scene or passage.

Overview of DouglassUsing the Jigsaw method we did in class together, write a 6-8 sentences paragraph about Frederick Douglass from his autobiography.

You must add at least three images or pictures that relate to Frederick Douglass, one audio or video clip about slavery or Frederick Douglass and you need add one outside link from your glog to another site.


Grammar and SpellingEach part of your glog needs to be free of grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors. This means proper capitals and complete sentences. Also, information used, unless a direct quote, needs to be paraphrased.

Cite the Site Whenever we use someone else’s words, we need to give them credit. If we don’t it’s plagiarism, cheating. So for every page you get information or a video or picture from, you need to copy and paste that site. Images borrowed from the following sites;



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