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Frederick Douglass Biography

Frederick Douglass

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Who was Frederick Douglass?

Frederick Douglass was born as Frederick Augustus Bailey, a slave. At age eight he was purchased by a new master who moved him to Baltimore. His master's wife taught him the alphabet, and from there Frederick taught himself to read using a Webster Speller dictionary. It was also during this time that Frederick was first exposed to the idea of abolition.As a teenager Frederick was sent to work on a farm, which was run by a notoriously brutal "slave-breaker".


Frederick was a devout Christian. He believed that all people are created by God and are therefore equal and deserving of dignity and freedom.

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What did he do?After a failed attempt which resulted in his incarceration, Frederick escaped from slavery and fled to New York City. He changed his name to Frederick Douglass, married, and began his new life as a free man. During this time he continuously pursued his education. Why was it important?Frederick's education helped him when he decided to start fighting slavery. And his experiences as a slave helped him to reach more people because he was an educated man who was able to articulate the atrocities of slavery in a way that reached the hearts and minds of his audiences. Impact Frederick brought to light the horrible mistreatment of slaves and helped raise support for the abolitionist movement.


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