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Fred Hollows

In 1929 in Dunedin, Fred C. Hollows was born. He was one of four children. His siblings were Colin, John and Maurice. After seven years they moved to Palmerston North. Here Fred attended Palmerston North Boys high school.In 1961 Fred went to UK to study opthalmology before moving to Australiain 1965, where he became sssociate professor of opthalmology at the university of NSW in Sydney. He worked there for over 25 years.Fred always believed strongly in equality for all people. He was told about the need for aboriginal health services in Sydney. He took up the cause, and helped set up the first Aboriginal Medical Service. There are now more than 60 across Australia.Gabi Hollows is continuing Freds work. Eye lens factories have been set up in eritrea and other developing countries, giving sight back to thousands of people.


1981 - Award for Aboriginal eye care1990 - Named Australian of the year1991 - Humanist of the year1993 - voted one of NZ top 100 history makers

He has helped more than 600,000 indigenous people from 1965 to 1992 .In 1992, 5 months before Fred died, he set up the Fred Hollows foundation to make sure that his dream of helping blind people see would continue.Every year thousands of people would visit his gravestone to pay their respect to this amazing Australian.

Why was he important

He helped the visually impaired, mostly indigenous people, have sight.

Fred Hollows

His life time



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