Fred Haise - Landry's project

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Fred Haise - Landry's project

Fred Haise was an astronaut on the Apollo 13 mission. When he and his mates were on their way to the moon, an air tank exploded and badly damaged the command module. The three of them moved into the lunar module to stay alive. The astronauts fought against cold and crippled spaceship. They arrived back on April 17, 1970. Fred came down with a kidney infection on that flight but suffered no long term effects. They said the mission was a successful failure. In his interview with NASA, he said the mission probably contributed to it being used for a movie rather than a more successful mission.

1933 - Born1952- fighter pilot in US Marine1959 - Graduated college1966 - became an astronaut1970 - Apollo 13 mission1977- moved to space shuttle program1979 - retired from NASA

Lasting Impact

His mission to the moon really didn't make an impact because they couldn't get any information.


I used Google to find information about my astronaut, Fred Haise.

Astronaut Fred Haise




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