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freak the mighty

Freak the Mighty

by Rodman Philbrick

Watch the music video for The Mighty by Sting

Made without a brain orAnything else for that matter.Xactly what Max thinks aboutWhat he can't do and say. It'sEasy to believe he's a Loser with no where to go. Little by little, thanks to hisKind friend Freak, he learnsAnd sees what he's reallyNot and that he has a brain,Even a strong, caring heart.


The theme song "The Mighty" by Sting really shows the strength of friendship. That no matter what, as long as the two are together, they can enjoy the best things and overcome any challenges or obstacles out there. Not only will their friendship save them, but they will use their strength to help those who are weak and need protecting.


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Rodman Philbrick





Summer: Max, a very mature looking boy without a brain, has just finished the 7th grade when Freak, aka Kevin, moved in down the street. It is Kevin's unique abilities, physical challenges and amazing intelligence, that first catches Max's attention. However, it doesn't take long to see that Max and Freak become good friends because they balance each other out. On the 4th of July, the two are headed to the local fireworks celebration where they run into Tony D. and his gang. This leads to problems and the two boys getting stuck knee deep in the millpond. However, Grim, Max's grandfather, is surprised to hear the Max has saved Freak, not hurt him. As summer goes on, the boys' friendship continues to grow and they find themselves on many adventures. This includes returning a stolen purse to the scary Loretta Lee. While at Loretta and Iggy's apartment, Freak finds out about Max's dad and how he's currently in prison. Before school starts, Freak takes Max to a medical research building where he reveals that he's being tested for a bionic body. Now both Max and Freak have secrets about themselves that they have shared with each other.Fall: School's back in session and the kids immediately return to their bullying of Max. Freak doesn't care what others think, so he's always standing up to people. With Freak's courage, Max slowly starts to develop some confidence of his own. He's super excited that he's back in the "smart classes" with Freak. The year is going well until Max finds out that his dad is up for parole. Between this news and Freak not feeling the greatest, Max is feeling like the world is crashing in on him.Winter: Christmas time comes and Max and Freak's families gather to celebrate. Freak has made a dictionary for Max that he has started with some of his own words. After everyone leaves, so you think, Max's dad, Killer Kane, takes Max from his "Down Under". Leave it to Freak to come to the rescue and figure out where Max is. You would think this would be where everyone lives happily ever after, but not everything always happens that way. However, Max has come to realize who he really is and that he's not a shadow of his father. He is in charge of his own destiny.