Franz Sigel

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Franz Sigel

1. Gained his leadership from doing service in the army of his hometown2. Participated in the 1848 Revolution3. He was burried in New York4. His cemetary's name is Woodlawn Cemetary 5. Was once a teacher, newspaperman, and a politician6. Wounded in duel in 1847 and soon after retired to go to law school7 Emigratted to United States in 1852


-Rallied Germans to fight in the Civil War- Park in Bronx named after him- Many streets and towns are named after him-has multiple stautes in honor of him


" Im going to fight mit Sigel"

Frans Sigel



1824- Born Nov. 18 (Sinsheim,Germany)1843- Graduated from Karlsruhe Military Academy 1861- Promoted to brigadier general1865- Siegal Street was named after him in Williamburg,Brooklyn1902- died Aug. 21


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