Franz Schubert

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Franz Schubert

Franz Schubert was born on January 31, 1797 in Austria. Franz family loved and played music, so his father taught him music lessons. Eventually, he learned violin and played in a orchestra. Then as a student he began to compose music. Franz graduated from Boychoir School at the age of 17. He got a job where his father worked. After 2 years he quit his job, and put most of his time composing music. Because he was composing so much he neglected his health and got very little sleep. In 1818 he took a job as a music teacher. The Court of Esterhazy is where Schubert made many friends, but was played outside of Esterhazy Palace. The court offered a job, but he declined it because of the schedule. He resigned his position with the court after two years. When Schubert was 23 years old he had composed 500 songs and only two of them were performed. Eventually, he began to loose money fast and lived in terrible conditions. In March of 1828 Schubert's friends put together a concert for Schuberts music. Eight months later he died at the age of 31, on November 19, 1828 in Vienna. Franz Schubert lived through the late classical - early Romantic period of music.


1797- Born1814- he graduated1818-he became a music teacher1828-Schubert had a concert 1828- Schubert died

By the age 23 he had written over 500 songs. Out of the 500 songs, only two had ever been performed. Ten years after his dealth Robert Schumann, another composer, studied Schubert's music and organized performances. They were all very successful.


Franz Schubert



Fun FactsSchubert was short with curly hair. He was friendly, but didn't talk much. Schubert loved to party, often till mid-night. That meant he loved tobacco and to drink.


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