[2015] amaiur ugalde: Franz Schubert

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[2015] amaiur ugalde: Franz Schubert



Franz Peter Schubert was born on 31st January 1797 in Himmelpfortgrund, Vienna, in Austria.

At the same age, Franz fell in love with a girl called Therese Grob. Her parents didn’t want her to marry him because he didn’t have much money, so he never got married.

He was the son of Franz Theodor and Elisabeth. His father was a teacher, and his mother a housewife. His father and his older brother loved music, so he started to be into it from a very early age.

At the age of 17, Franz started working as a teacher, just as his father. His family obliged him to do it, but he didn’t stop composing.

Schubert became famous with his work "Gretchen am Spinnrade", inspired by a girl that appeared in his favourite book, Goethe’s Faust.

He composed a lot of symphonies while he was teaching, but the most famous ones are his piano quintet in A ‘Trout Quintet’ and his symphony No.8 in B minor, 'Unfinished'’.

During his life he didn’t move to any other places. He joined the Vienna Imperial Court chapel choir when he was young, and then he became a teacher, but everything in Vienna.


In 1822 he fell very ill and went to the hospital. There, he was diagnosed with typhoid fever. The doctors told him he was going to die soon, so while he was ill he composed his last symphonies.


In his last days, he couldn’t eat or drink anything, so he died on 19th November 1828 in Vienna, when he was 31.


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