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Franz Lizst


Birth-October 22, 1811First Composition- 1824–1825Death-July 31, 1886

He wrote:1 Opera,65 Sacred choral works,28 Secular choral works,25 Orchestral works,9 Piano and Orchestra compositions,10 Chamber songs, and many more compostions.In the end he made around 350 compositions.

Lasting Impact

He was known as the first Rock Star


Franz Lizst


Franz Liszt was born to Anna Liszt and Adam Liszt on October 22, 1811, in the village of Doborján, Germany. Adam began teaching him the piano at age seven, and Franz began composing in an elementary manner when he was eight. He appeared in concerts at Sopron and Pressburg at age 9. His music career shot from there. He gave up on touring for a short period of time after his father's death. He started smoking and drinking. He underwent a long period of religious doubts . He went to a charity concert and Liszt became determined to become as great a virtuoso on the piano as Paganini was on the violin.He went to a musical school. He started touring again.Liszt fell down the stairs of a Hotel in Weimar on July 2, 1881. His friends said he was in good health, but he never fully recoverd from the fall. After the fall he just kept getting more and more sick. He died in Bayreuth, Germany, on July 31, 1886, at the age of 74, from pneumonia.


Hungarian Rhapsody


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