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Franz Kafka

Franz Kafka was born on July 3,1883 in Prague, Czech Rebublic.

Attended Dutsche Knabenschule school for boys.

July 3, 1883.


Recieved degree in Doctor of Law.


Started writing his second novel, The Trial.


Kafka dies at the age of 40 after suffering from tuberculosis.

June 3, 1924


Metamorphasis is published

Franz Kafka

Famous Books

The Metamorphosis

The Trial

The Castle

The Judgement


Kafka's unfinished works are published despite his requests to destroy the documents.

August, 1924


The Trial, The Castle, and Amerika are published.

Fame Upon Death

Kafka's Road to FameIncredibly, at the time of his death Kafka's name was known only to small group of readers. It was only after he died and Max Brod went against the demands of his friend that Kafka and his work gained fame. His books garnered favor during World War II, especially, and greatly influenced German literature.As the 1960s took shape and Eastern Europe was under the fist of bureaucratic Communist governments, Kafka's writing resonated particularly strongly with readers. So alive and vibrant were the tales that Kafka spun about man and faceless organizations that a new term was introduced into the English lexicon: "Kafkaesque."

Perhaps the most influentual author in German literature in the 20th century.

The person that is credited for the publication of Kafka's later books, and his fame, is Max Brod.



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