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Franz Josef

Franz Josef

Background:Franz Josef was born in Vienna and was one of the last of the Hapsbergs. He was also the Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary. At first many people felt his rule was not the most successful due to losing the war with France. And due to the Crimean war his relationship with Russia was also tainted. The country was in bad shape and because of Italy's growing power Austria lost most of their Italian possessions. Germany had also proved to be a more powerful country than Austria. Franz Josef also found himself dealing with the growing demands for a self-goverened country which led to the creation of the empire Austria-Hungry in 1867. The only issue was Franz Josef did not let the Serbs have their "Greater Serbia" because they feared it would ruin their empire. This managed to tear their relationship with Russia further apart because the Serbs turned to get help from them. At this point in the Austria-Hungary empire everyone up for heir had pretty much died by this point and next up in line was Franz Ferinand, who Franz Joseph did not like.

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WW1 On June 28th, 1914 Franz Ferdinand and his wife were murdered in Bosnia by Gavrilo Princip a member of the blackhand. This set the war in motion and Austria declared war on Serbia. But before the war even began Austria was already declining. Franz Josef believed he could get some power back by joining Germany's side. In 1916 he quickly declared war on Serbia which got out of hand very quickly. Josef mostly left the organization and fighting of war up to the military officials. By 1916 he saw a split of his empire very possible and, also the possible victory of the war. But in October of 1916, at the age of 86, Franz Josef died after a 68 year reign. He was succeeded by his nephew Karl and after the defeat in WW1 the Austro-Hungarian empire slowly went away.

1882: Austria Joined Triple AllianceJune 28th 1914: Franz Ferdinand gets killedJuly 28th 1914: WW1 BeginsOctober 24th 1916: Franz Joseph dies

Franz Josef 1830-1916

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