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Franz Ferdinand

Franz Ferdinand was born on December 18, 1863, as the oldest son in his family and third in line for the thrown of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. After his cousin committed suicide in 1889 and his father died in 1896, Franz Ferdinand became the heir of his aging uncle Emperor Franz Josef. He eloped with Countess Sophie Chotek in 1900. A Serbian terrorist group called The Black Hand sent three of its members to murder Franz Ferdinand and his wife as they visited Sarajevo. They both were assassinated, directly leading to the declaration of World War 1.


1863- Franz was born 1883- served with the Austro-Hungarian infantry.1899 - Franz gained permission to marry his wife, Sophie.1901-1904- him and his wife had 3 children.1914-franz Ferdinand was assasinated.

Franz Ferdinand started as in infantry soldier, was promoted to Captian, Major, and then General.He was married and had three children.Became Inspector-General in the Austro-Hungarian army.

Lasting Impact

The assassination of Franz Ferdinand is what made World War 1 officially declared.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand




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