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franklinville school-mital

Franklinville School

Franklinville School was first built in 1858. It is 152 years old now! It was built out of fieldstone. There is a bell tower on the top of the roof. It was a public school from 1858 to 1916. Franklinvile School was closed in 1916. It was reopened as a private school in the 1920's for Peter Strassburger. When Peter grew up, the school closed again. Franklinville School was never rebuilt [it is the original.] The Historical Society of Whitpain started to own the school in 1997. In 1983 the Historical Society of Whitpain planned to restore Franklinville School.

Did you know that the Franklinville School is the last of six one- room schools that had been built in Whitpain Township? If you come here to Blue Bell you can see the old schoolhouse!

Peter Strassburger's father [Ralph Beaver Strassburger] is one of the owners of Normandy Farms.

The Franklinville School is really interesting so you should see it.

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