Franklin D. Roosewelt

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Social Studies
Politicians and Presidents

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Franklin D. Roosewelt

Born January 30, 1882. Born into a wealthy family who homeschooled him until he was a teenager. He was then sent to Groton School for boys at the age of fourteen. Graduated a C student and went onto Harvard college and graduated in 1903. He then married Elenor Roosevelt, niece of his ideol Theodore Roosevelt and his fifth cousin. In 1910 became part of the NY Senete and went on to be Govenor of NY in 1924. Which took him to his presidency from 1933-1945 when he died in office from polio.


1882 - Born1910 - NY Senete1924 - NY Govenor1932 - 1945 - US President1945 - Dies

Political Ideology

1. During the war FDR was mainly in the US.2. He went to Newfoundland also to meet with other world leaders

Major Crimes & Extreme Actions

Created New Deal, Put Japanese-Americans in interment camps, created atlantic charter, sent US into WWII and broke Non-Agressive Pact


Franklin D. Roosevelt


1. FDR was for the people.2. Created the New Deal.3. Created teh Atlantic Charter to help crate peace throughout different countries.


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