Franklin D. Roosevelt

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American History

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Franklin D. Roosevelt

Franklin D. Roosevelt

By: Riley Friedman


After winning NY State senate 1912 and 13, President W. Wilson appoints FDR to secretary of Navy during preperations for WWI

*Born:January 30th 1882Died:April 12th 1945*America's last 4 term President*Won one of America's most lopsided Presidential Elections*Led America through the Great Depression and most of WWII*Harvard and Columbia U. grad

Built leg braces hid them under clothes to keep the public unaware, would later build a wing in the white house

FDR was born as a single child to a prominent wealthy family in Hyde Park NY



Polio diagnosis

Facts & Figures

Born in Hyde Park NY


Great Depression and "The New Deal"

"The only thing we have to fear is...fear itself"

Following election FDR launches plan to pull the US out of the biggest depression it had ever experienced, the plan was to be launched in the first 100 days of presidency

Appointed secertary of the Navy


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