Franklin D. Roosevelt

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Franklin D. Roosevelt

Franklin D. Roosevelt

If you treat people rightthey will treat you right..ninety percent of the time- Franklin D. Roosevelt

Franklin Roosevelt giving a speech during his inaguration.

Franklin R, Joseph Stalin,and Winston Churchhill.

Franklin taking a swim!

Franklin as a kid!

Franklin Rooseveltin his wheel chair, which he is hardly seen in.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was born on January 30, 1882; In Hyde Park, New York. He was one of the very few presidents to serve four terms as president. During his presidency he was vacationing at Campobello Island, New Brunswick. He was diagnosed with contracted Polio. Franklin Roosevelt had to overcome many obstacles to get past this terrible disease, he had his wife, Helen, keep his name alive in Democratic circles.Franklin Roosevelt’s parents were James and Sara Ann Delano Roosevelt. During his childhood he was an only child and surrounded by privilege and self-importance. He and his family lived in the Hudson River Valley. He was educated by tutors and governesses until age fourteen. 1896, he attended Groton School for Boys, a prestigious Episcopal preparatory school in Massachusetts. After he graduated from Groton School for Boys, he went on to Harvard University in 1900.Around the middle of his presidency he was vacating at Campobello Island, New Brunswick, Canada. He was diagnosed with contracted polio. March 1944, he was also diagnosed with atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease and congestive heart failure. To get past his contracted polio, he taught himself to walk short distances in braces. He also had his wife keep his name alive in Democratic circles. He was careful and didn’t want anyone to see him in his wheel chair.April 12, 1945; Warm Springs, Georgia. Franklin Roosevelt had a sudden death. During his presidency he was one of the very few presidents to serve four terms. Franklin Roosevelt had impacted our society greatly by leading us through the Great Depression. He expanded the powers of the federal government through a series of programs and reforms known as the New Deal. When researching about him I learned to never give up, even when times are bad. Go FRANKLIN ROOSEVELT!Fin

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