Franklin D Roosevelt

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Franklin D Roosevelt


Franklin D Roosevelt


Franklin D Roosevelt went to law school and got a degree. In 1910 he went for New York state senate. That was his first political involment for him and he won the vote. The people in New York did not regret it. Roosevelt was an amazing senator. He also was only the second democrat to be the New York senate since the civil war. After so much sucess in politics, he ran for president and dominated the poll leaving him president in 1910.

During the years, Franklin fell in love with his 5th cousin, Eleanor Roosevelt. They got married on March 17, 1905. About 15 years later, they decided to go on a vacation to a place in Canada call Campobello. Campobello is such a beautiful island for vacationers. The water is as blue as the sky and as clear as a window. It was in August of 1921 and Franklin D. Roosevelt was enjoying the day on his boat with his wife and friends. They were swimming, talking, and having fun. However, later that day Franklins legs started to painfully break down. After a while he went to the doctors and they said he had a painful and paralyzing illness called poliomyelitis. He was forced into a wheel chair and the rest of his life he was in a wheel chair or being supported by people or medical equipment. It was a devastation for Eleanor and Franklin. Eleanor tried to brighten up the days by bringing Franklin a lot of places such as wonderful views, relaxing places, and vacation areas. In other words, Eleanor had become Franklins working legs.

A war that would be remembered forever was glooming in the distance. America was informed by Roosevelt that they were never going to go to war. Hawwaii was enjoying the ussual hot day when out of knowhere the bomb sirens sruck out invading ears of the frightened Americans. Planes up ahead blocked out the siren leaving a rusty old planes engine to hear. The out of knowhere a "BOOOM" like sound near the harbor. There were Japan planes bombing Pearl Harbor. immediately struck back and held WWII away from America sending troops out to sea on giant aircraft carryeirs to hold off Japan and the rest of the horrific things America delt with. Roosevelt allied with Great Britain to start to push back and win the war against Germany while our own troops were either helping out or over seas to deal with Japan. He also sent weapons and war supplies to allies.

Franklin D Roosevelt didn't have a easy precidnecy thats for sure. Once he was elected in 1929, It lead him straight into a battle that will be remembered forever. Mounds of people were homeless and were in an enormous line just for a meal. The meals that were given out were a small as crumbs. For as far as you could see there were homeless people, wearing dirty ripped clothes were everywhere you went. Franklin D Roosevelt wasn’t going to let that happen. He set up many reform programs later recognized as the New Deal. The reform program helped out 4 major topics, Industry, finance, relief (welfare), and agriculture. Did you know he enabled 8 reform programs in just 2 years? Yes he did, these reform programs helped workers get there taxes lower, raised taxes on wealthy people for the poor, and alot more to help conquer the Great Depression.

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