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Soon he got the bad news that his brother William had been killed and accused of his death Justine, the maid. Elizabeth and Victor knew that Justine had been unable to commit the murder and also Victor and who could have imagined being.Victor traveled to clear the Alps where he met his creation that began to tell the story of his short and hard life. The monster told him that was rejected by all people in its path and took revenge on society with the murder of William. So the monster asked Victor to create a female for him and thus could be happy and live with someone who would understand. Victor rejected the proposal and the monster revenge murdered his friend Henry.

The novel begins with some letters he wrote Captain Walton to his sister. In one of these letters tells him he saw a strange figure in the snow that moved at high speed and soon out of sight. A few days later rescued a castaway, Victor Frankenstein, who was on a block of ice. At this point is when Victor, the protagonist begins to tell his terrifying story. Victor he soon became interested in science and research and read many books on the subject. Soon I move to Ingolstadt to continue his studies where he met his friend Henry Clerval. There Victor continued his research and began creating a living from cadavers. Victor created a monstrous being from which he fled when he saw it. The monster escaped.

After his return to Geneva, began preparations for the wedding of Victor and Elizabeth. Victor feared that the monster appeared at the wedding, but the wedding went without a hitch. In the honeymoon the monster appeared and killed Elizabeth and her father fell ill and died of sorrow, and who loved Elizabeth.When Victor finished telling his story died and Captain Walton left the room and when he encountered the monster mourning the death of its creator. When Walton approached the monster finally committed suicide by jumping out the window to the sea.



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