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•The creature is seen more as a human•Long hair, normal skin color, scar on his forehead•Normal human clothing•Acts as though he is a true person and not a mosnter•This version took a different view of Mary Shelley's meaning•Brought a new understanding of Frankenstein to it's audience

1935- The Bride of Frankenstein

•Modern twist of the original story•Pertains to the original plot but not the intended message•Seen as a more normal person once again•Normal hair, body, and actions•Completely chnaged the way the creature is viewed, yet took the story back to it's roots, Mary Shelley

First ever Frankenstein film•Famous creation scene•Major changes from the book•Introduced stereotypical “monster” that we all think the creature looks like•Stitched forehead and nails in his neck•Lazy eyes and green skin •Showed the romanticism of the original book by Shelley

•Told a different side of the story where the girl monster is actually created•Focused more on fear •Made for younger people unlike other versions previously made•Showed Fraankenstein as a true "monster" •green face, stitches, HUGE

1984- Frankenweenie

•Short black and white film•Brought humor to a story that was originally meant to be sad and depressing•Creature is portrayed as a cartoon dog•Still has the stitches on the forhead •Speaks and acts in the same manner as the others

1973- Young Frankenstein

1931- Frankenstein The Film

1994- Mary Shelley's Frankenstien

•Humorous version of Shelley’s story that focuses on the parts that could be viewed by some people as comedic •Creature imaged completely differently•Shown as more of a "normal" person with a black hood and normal skin •No scar on his forhead

"Frankenstein's monster is known by most persons-as a kind of retarded giant, one might say, with electrodes in his neck-his archetypal significance rings true."(Bloom 79)

1973- Frankenstien The True Story

"A flash of lightning illuminated the object and discovered its shape plainly to me; its gigantic stature, and the deformity of its aspect, more hideous than belongs to humanity, instantly informed me that it was the wretch, the filthy demon to whom [he] had given life." (Shelley 60)

The Evolution of Frankenstein


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