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FrankensteinBy: Mary Shelley

SummaryThe story is told through a series of letters written by Robert Walton on the journey of Victor Frankenstein and his creature. Victor had an idyllic childhood, only interuppeted by the death of his mother. When he leaves home to study natural psychology, he delves into far more grotesque work, which results in the creation of life. This creature he assembles immediately disgusts him, and he shuns it because of it's abnormal appearance. The creature then goes off to murder Victor's brother William, and this causes another one of Victor's close friends to die. The creature realizes that he does not fit in, and learns English through a family he observes to try to be more human. He then approaches Victor and communicates to him his want for a female companion. Victor agrees, but later destroys his work, much to the dissapointment of the creature. The creature, angered by this, kills Victor's wife on their wedding night in revenge.

Themes in Frankenstein-Nature-Isolation-Solitude-Innocence and Guilt-Mother Figures-Doubling-Death

Glog by:Brennyn Shelton

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