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Frankenstein WebQuest

In 1816, Mary Shelley wrote the story of Frankenstein when she was only 18 years old. Mary got her ideas from all the news about scientists stealing bodies from graveyards and working on bringing them back to life. She had many dreams of these stories and in these dreams the scientist actually brought the dead corpse back to life. She told her dreams as stories to people, including her boyfriend Percy. Percy encouraged her to write her story onto paper and it was so good that they transformed it into one of the greatest novels ever written… Frankenstein!


WebQuest:Exploring the Legend

Get inspired


In your groups, you will be exploring the Internet for information to be compiled onto a Glog for a short presentation, complete with visuals. You will share your findings with the class while other groups will take notes on each presentation.Within your groups you will be focusing on exploring the legend of Frankenstein either through art, literature, or music. A final group will also research serial killers that show similarities to Victor Frankenstein.


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