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Frankenstein is a novel about a man named Victor Frankein. He was a scientist determined to create life... and he succeeded. The story is told through Victor Frankenstein to Robert Walton about his journey through creating life. Victor enjoyed his childhood, thus is when he met the love of his life, Elizebeth. His mother wanted them to be maried. His mother passed away, and his life took a turn. He left for college, to study psychology, however, he ended up being engrossed in anatomy of humans. He then dove into his work. His ultimate goal was to create life. But the creature he worked so hard to make, disgusted him, and he immedietly shuns the ugly creature. The monster then ventured off into the world in search of love, but because of his apperence, he is shunned by society. He then returns to Victor and asks for a wife, but when Victor denies him that, the reature goes off to murder William (Victor's brother, Elizebeth (his later wife), and his best friend. But the monster does find comfort in a family he meets, and they teach him English and human ways. The creature then returns to Vicotr to ask again, and Vicotr does, but he destroyes immedietly. The monster then goes to Victor's wedding and kills Elizebeth, leaving Vicotr alone, like the creature was when he was created.

Mary Shelley Caroline Poston



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