Frank Lowy

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Frank Lowy

Frank LowyBy Alana Kaluschke


Frank Lowy

BiographyFrank Lowy was born in Hungary in 1930. When he was a teenager war broke out and they had to leave the country. His father was buying tickets for his family to leave Hungary, but he never returned, it was only later in the future that Frank found out what happened, his father was beaten to death by Nazi. Frank's mother was left to look after a daughter and three sons. Frank and his family set off on a ship heading towards France, but the ship was deported to a detention camp. Frank eventually got out of the detention camp and came to Australia selling small good. Frank is now a sucessful business man and is a co-founder of the Westfield Group.

Important Event*Frank's father died while getting tickets to get out of the country*Frank moving to Australia and started selling small goods

InterestingsFacts*Frank is a business man*He is the co-founder of Westfield*He is the FFA chairman

Frank Lowy



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