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remembered as advocate of human rights


One of the covers of Volaire's most famous story, Candide- an anti-Romantic comic novel

EARLY LIFEFull name: Francois Marie ArouetBorn: November 21, 1694 to wealthy family in ParisParents: Francois Arouet (dad) and Marie Marguerite Daumand (mom)Youngest of five children1704- started showing future in writing at Jesuit secondary school in Paris but later began writing at age 16

First play/literary work was a remake of Sophocle's Oedipus in 1718

Writer, playwriter, poet, philosopher, businessman, and practical economic reformer.

1715- exiled to Tulle for mocking the regent Orlean (government official)1717- returned to Paris, but again arrested and exiled to the Bastille for a year for writing derogatory poetry(where he gave himself the name "Voltaire") 1726- sent back to Bastille, for arguing, held there for two weeks then sent to England for 3 years1733- Voltaire's Letters on the English Nation published and angered the French church and governmentfled to Lorraine 1735- granted re-entry in Paris1778- Voltaire very popular to the French public, returned to Paris a hero

DEATH:Two weeks before dying, Voltaire gave a fairwell to the crowd at a production of Irene saying: "I die adoring God, loving my friends, not hating my enemies, and detesting superstition."In his sleep on May 30, 1778 in Paris

By: Aaliyah and Nia

-denounced organized religion - established himself as an advocate of rationality


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