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Francois Couperin

He was able to show that you can have both secular and sacred music can coexist.

Francois Couperin


Francois "Couperin the Great" Couperin was born on Nov. 10, 1668 in Paris. His father, Charles Couperin, and some others in his family were musicians also. in the beginning his father was his piano teacher, but when Francois was 10 his father died and he got another teacher named Jacques Thomelin. He later became an organist for the Church of Saint-Gervais and for the Royal Chapel. When he was older he bagan to split his time between Paris and Versailles. He also taught harpsichord and organ which made it hard for him to publish his vocal and instrumental chamber music. He eventually started to write mostly Italian Sonatas and CantatasFrancois Couperin married Marie-Anne Ansault and had two daughters Marie-Madeleine in and Marguerite-Antoinette

Couperin: Tic-Toc-Choc / Dušan Holý

1690- Last organ piece was Pieces d'orgue1716- The Art of Harpsichord Playing1722- Royal Concerts Published (for 1-3 players)1724- The Reunited Tastes1724-The Apotheosis of Corelli (Suites for 2 violins and harpsichord)1725- The Apotheosis of Lully1726- The Nations (4 Ordres each with sonata da chiesa in several movement s followed by suites)1730-Vingt-cinquieme ordre (Twenty-fifth Suite)



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