Francisco Vasquez de Coronado

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Francisco Vasquez de Coronado

Francisco was born in about 1510 to a wealthy family of Spanish Nobles. Instead of inheriting his father’s fortune, he decided to make his own by making an exploration and finding gold. He wanted to make his own living in the New World

He led an expedition to the American Southwest in search of the seven cities of Cibola. These cities were said to have been full of gold.

Francisco Vasquez de Coronado

Coronado’s army consisted of 300 Spanish soldiers and 1000 Indian slaves and servants. Cibola was said to be in what we now know as Gallup, New Mexico. This expedition lasted from 1540-1542

He left for the Seven Cities in 1540, but arrived in some parts of Rio Grande and central Kansas. He returned home in 1542 and became the governor of New Galicia.

He was later removed from the position of Govenor and charged of wrongdoing to the Indians. He died in 1554

While searching to find a second city of gold known as Quiviera, he traveled across the modern-day American southwest. He discovered landmarks like the Grand Canyon.

By: Tim Schluth, 7A

Coronado's army

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