Francisco Vasquez De Coronado

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Francisco Vasquez De Coronado

Fransico VasquezDe Coronado

LIFEFransico Coronado was born in Spain, 1510. There wasn't much known about his early life. When he was an adult, he married a woman noamed Dona Betris. Eventually Mr. Coronado became a govenor. He died Septeber 22, 1554.

VOYAGESFransico had a voyage about+ finding out about 7 cities of gold.Then he reliezed he needed help.His soilders carried arguebuses.

I hear by declare that Fransico Corondo and his army traveled from Spain to Mexico.They dreamed of gold.They found a very hard trail on their jourmey.they traveled about 438 km north of New Galicia, Coronado sent scouts ahead.Coronado led his army through hot deserts in search of gold.


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