Francisco Vasquez de Coronado

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Francisco Vasquez de Coronado

In 1540, with 335 Spaniards, 1300 Natives, and 4 monks Francisco settled out to find the golden cities of Cibola.Coronado's first expedition was when he crossed present-day America by following the Zuni River into Cibola (present-day Mexico).Coronado expected to find the golden cities but found Indian Pueblos instead. The men took the pueblos by force. Coronado sent scouting parties to search for the cities. The party raided a poor Zuni Village and followed the Colorado River into the Grand Canyon. Francisco later heard of the golden cities of Quivira. He searched for it but couldn't find it. After the several years of searching and failing, Coronado came back with no news of his great glory of the cities of gold. So to summarize, Francisco found the Zuni River, Zuni Indian Pueblos, Hopi Indian Village, the Grand Canyon, Colorado River,and Kansas.

1540: Set out with soldiers1541: Rested in a village after raiding1541-1542: Had war with the indians1544:Failed to find the cities and came back to hometown

Francisco Coronado was a Spanish conquistador and explorer who led a large expedition from Mexico to present-day Kansas near the south-western part of the United States in 1540 through 1542.

Francisco Vasquez de Coronado

Born:in Salamanca,Spain near 1510Died:Mexico City on September 22, 1544

Stories of gold and riches located to the north of Mexico had begun to circulate in the 1530s. People heard stories about the seven golden cities of Cibola. People wanted to find it and Francisco Coronado was one of the explorers to be chosen to find it.



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Who was Francisco Coronado :- second son of Juan Coronado-married Dona Estrada-became governor appointed as it of Nueva Gallica

What happened to Coronado after the search:-faced charges of his neglect duties and cruelty to the indians-lost governship of Nueva Gallica

What did he look for in the Americas?

What did he find?

Voyage of Coronado

The seven cities of Cibola


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