[2015] Brennen Buehler: Francisco Vasquez de Coronado

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[2015] Brennen Buehler: Francisco Vasquez de Coronado

Francisco married Dona Beatriz de Estrada

Time Line


Francisco de Coronado was born in Salamanca, Spain.

Facts about Francisco de Coronado

Coronado's Expedition

Voyages Importance

What a man, risking his life for gold. Common sense always means more than anything




He heard about the fabled riches of the Seven Cities of Cibola



His Voyage

He dies from an infectious disease on September 22, 1554

Francisco Vasquez de Coronado led a huge expedition from Mexico to present-day Kansas through some parts of the southwesten U.S from 1540-1542 because he was looking for the storied riches of the Seven Cities of Cibola, but it turned out to be just a lie. His three waypoints were Compostela, which is in Arizona, Cibola, where his goal was, is in New Mexico, and Tiguex, which is also in New Mexico.

Dona Beatriz de EstradaShe was the daughter of a wealthy Spanaird. She was born in 1514 and her parents names are Alonso de Estrada and Mariana Flores

He was born in Salamanca,Spain in 1510. He married a wealthy lady named Dona in 1537. He knew how to read and wright. He was a very fit and strong man. On his expedition, someone he explored with was Brother Marcos Niza, a Franciscan Friar.a person that gives the Gospel of God.

When Francisco returned, he let people know that the fabled riches was all just a lie.

SponsorFrancisco de Corando's sponsor was Antonio de Mendoza, the viceroy of Mexico.

Francisco Vasquez deCoronado



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