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Francisco Pizzarro

He began his expedition with Diego de Almargo. After his initial journey to Peru, he set of for an additional journey to conquer the land for Spain and claim the treasures he saw the natives had. He asked King Charles I for premission before returning to Peru. He kidnapped the Incan leader, Inca Atahualpa, and demanded ransom. When the natives complied, he executed their emperor on July 26, 1533. He conquered Cozco, the Incan capital, and founded the current capitol of Peru, Lima. This concluded his rather sucessful expedition.

Francisco Pizzaro was a Spanish conquistador who had a desire for riches. He is notorious for conquering the Incan empire, claiming the land for Spain. In the process, obtaining the fortune he set out for.

Who is Francisco?

Almargo had taken control of Cozco. Francsico, being too old to fight he sent his brothers to deal with the conflict. They managed to reclaim the city, murdering Diego. Later in his life, a follwer of Almargo murdered Pizzaro to avenge the deceitful death of his leader.

Following his Conquest

The Expedition

6 Facts

- Accompanied Vasco Nunez de Balboa when the Europeans discovered the Pacific Ocean- Conquered Peru in 1533- He was murdered in the city he founded, Lima - Francisco invited Antahualpa to a feast in his honor, this is where he ambushed them - The ransom he was paid for Atahualpa is estimated to be around 24 tons of gold - Antahuabla's sentence for his supposed crimes was to be strangled to death

Francisco Pizzaro

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