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Francisco Pizarro

I was born around 1476. I had six siblings. Four brothers and two sisters. My fathers name is Gonzalo Pizarro. And my mothers name is Fransica Gonzalez. My famous achievement and what I was known for is conquering the famous and powerful Inca empire. I have four children. I had very little education and I never learned how to read and write when I was a child. I was raised by my grandparents because my parents were never married. I worked as a pig herder for many years. I also overtook the city Cuzco and I made Lima the capital of Peru. I got killed on June 26, 1541 by conquistadors in Lima. My first expedition was in 1524. It was a taotal disaster. Many of my men had died. I had to go back before I had a chance to discover something new and valuble. My second trip was better than the first one I had. It was in 1526. I was on the border of the Incas empire. I did not know that the rumors of gold were really true until I went to the Inca empire.

My Life

Me and my crew treated the Incas really badly. Many Incas were sick from diseases brought by us spainards. I captured Athualpa and used him to rule the Inca empire. Then we killed him. And we had the Inca empire to ourselves. We took all their valuble items. We got things such as gold, and also silver or copper. The Incas were very angry and frustrated because of us ending their civilization.

I was a spanish explorer and Spain paid for my voyages to South America. Beacause of that I was able to conquer the Incas. I stole the riches and gold of the Incas. I soon made Spain really rich. My first voyage was a total fail. I had to try many times but eventually I conquered the Incas. I found lots of gold and for the first time I saw a llama. I learned about terrace farming from the Incas too.

What I found ...

I wanted to go and explore South America because I have heard rumors of a land in South America that it was full of gold and other incredible treasures. I really wanted to explore that amazing land everyone was talking about. Spain my home country was sponsoring me in my journey. I wanted to conquer the Incas. I had many failed attemps but I finnally conquered them. I had accomplished my goal. I got many gold and other riches. Soon Spain became very rich.


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