Francizco Pizarro

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Francizco Pizarro


LIFEPizarro was born in Spain in 1475. He died on June 26,1541. His expedition was sent by the King and Queen of Spain

Pizarro left Spain in 1523 to Central America and then went to South America to the land of the Inca. The King and Queen of Spain paid for his explorartions. In ended his explorations in Peru.

The Incas were worse, because Pizarro killed their King, which meant they had no leader. Made incas slaves and brought diseases.


Pizarro ended up in Peru and Central America. The Inca were already there. The Inca were a people that had cities, had their own culture, families. they had a religion and made offering. They had a government and royalty. They spoke Quechua. They used knots to communicate as a written language. They had artists.Pizarro killed the Kingand conquered the Inca. They were wak from the diseases the Spanish brought.



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