[2015] Arunshayan Arasan: Francisco de Coronado Shayan

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[2015] Arunshayan Arasan: Francisco de Coronado Shayan

Vázquez de Coronado was selected by the viceroy to lead a mission to present day southwestern part of Unites States to get gold from the seven cities of Cibola. Vázquez de Coronado set out with about 300 Spanish soldiers mostly mounted on horseback, and several hundred Indians, accompanied by extra one thousand horses, herds of cattle, and several heavy cannons.

Francisco Vázquez de Coronado was born in 1510 in the Spanish city of Burgos, an important town in the northern part of the kingdom. There is little known of Coronado's what finally happened to Coronado. Some sources say he got a local government position in Mexico City while others insist that he went back to his plantation in Mexico.

Birth and Death date

In 1540, Coronado led an expedition headed north for the purposes of taking the gold from the Seven Cities of Cibola. They never found gold, silver, or any advanced civilization to conquer. Francisco de Coronado actually discovered the southwestern United States, including the present day New Mexico, Grand Canyon, and Arizona. Their search was important because after their expedition the Spanish knew that the North American continent contained scrub deserts, vast and seemingly endless plains covered with herds of bison, and small settlements of Native Americans with an understandable dislike for Spanish travelers.


Coronado started his expedition from Mexico towards the present day southwestern United States.

Coronada reappointed himself as governerof New Galicia

Francisco De Coronada was bornin the Spanish city of Burgos.

Francisco De Coronado retunrned back to Mexico with only one third of his soldiers and without gold

Little is known of about what finally happened to Coronado or how he died.






Francisco de Coronado

Francisco de Coronada roughly brought several hundreds of Indians and 300 Spanish soldiers with him on his expedition.Close to a thousand extra horses, herds of cattle and pigs for the men to eat on the journey, and several heavy cannons were brought to the trip.Francisco de Coronado discovered the southwestern United States, including the present day New Mexico, Arizona, and Grand Canyon. Hernando de Alvarado, another of Coronado's saviors, was sent to the east to investigate rumors of a large pueblo village named Ácoma, and ended up going as far as the modern Pecos River of Texas.Coronado married Beatriz de Estrada and Beatriz's father was the royal treasurer of New Spain and oversaw much of the important financial issues in the colonies.

Five interestion facts about Francisco de Coronada


Shayan Arasan


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