Francisco Coronado

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Francisco Coronado

Francisco Coronado


In his time, the most popular way to get wealth was to explore new land!

Francisco was appointed by the viceroy to lead an exploration of Cibola (AZ and NM) to find the fabled 7 cities of gold. But like everyone else, he failed to find them.

Although his trip to find the 7 cities failed, his crew was actually the first Europeans to see herds of buffalo!

His first voyage to New Spain was with his viceroy friend, Don Antonio in 1533. (sponsered by no one on this trip. It was an invitation)

When Francisco arrived in New Spain he became a member of the council that governed Mexico City. From there he married Beatriz de Estrada.

Because of many failures on the expedition. Surrendering under the Zuni and not finding the cities. New Spain had been furious and put him on trial. Luckily the verdict was not guilty but Francisco's reputation was destroyed and he never sailed again.

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