Francisco Coronado

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Francisco Coronado

In 1535 is when he first became and explorer when he sailed with Mendoza. His first voyage to two years without success from 1540 to 1542.

Coronado was a Spanish conquistador from Salamanca, Spain. He came from a rich family but ended up with no money because his brother had it all. He was also the governor of New Galica.

Francisco Coronado

Coronado explored Mexico City, Mexico with Antonio De Mendoza.

Francisco Vasquez de Coronado (1510-1522)Born: Salamanca, Spain

The goal of Francisco Coronado's expedition was to try to find the Seven Cities of Gold, but his expedition was a fail.

Map of His Route

Some accomplishments he made were becoming governor of Nueve Galicia in 1538. We remember them to be the first Europeans to explore all of the southwestern part of the United States.

When they explored Mexico, the made contact with the Indians such as the Zuni, Hopi, Arizona, Pecos, and Witchita tribes. The animals they brought with them were mules, cattle, and 1,500 horses.

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