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Francis Scott Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald attended St. Paul Academy, first writing was in the school newspaper at age 13.Zelda Sayre, the youngest daughter of an Alabama Supreme Court judge.When he attented Princeton he wrote musicals. Joined the army, Zelda didn't want to marry him until he was sure he would have enough money to support them.Was an alcoholic and suffered with depression. His marriage was damaged by Zelda's involvement with a French naval aviator.Wrote short stories to pay for treatment after his wife had a breakdown.Zelda spent the rest of her life in a hospital.When Scottie was 14 she went to boarding school and the Obers became her family basically.Fitzgerald fell in love with movie columnist Sheilah Graham.

Comparison To Gatsby

September 24, 1896. Born in Saint Paul Minnesota.June 1918, Assigned to Camp Sheridan, there fell in love with Zelda Sayre.Fall-winter of 1919- returned to St.Paul to rewrite his novel This Side of Paradise. After quitting his job.March 26, 1920-Published This Side of Paradise, and was famous overnight.October 1921- His only child was born, a boy named Frances Scott Fitzgerald.Fall of 1922- Moved to Great Neck Long Island to be next to Broadway.Spring of 1924 Fitzgeralds went to France.April 1925- The Great Gatsby was published.Spring of 1929- Zelda's intense ballet work damanged her health.April 1930- Zelda suffered her first breakdown was treated in Switzerland until Septemeber 1931.Fall of 1931- Returned to America and rented a house in Montgomery.Feburary 1932- Suffered a relapse and went to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.1932- Zelda wrote Save Me The Waltz. 1934- Published Tender Is the Night.1936- Zelda entered Highland Hospital.1939-Began writting The Love of the Last Tycoon.Decmber 21, 1940- Fitzgerald died of a heart attack in Graham's apartment.1948- Zelda died in a fire at Highland Hospital.

Daisy fell in love with Gatsby because of his money and Zelda wanted to make sure Frances had enough money to support them.Francis went to the army like Gatsby.Francis moved to Great Neck Long Island to be next to Broadway and in the book they lived in Long Island."He hadn't once ceased looking at Daisy, and I think he revalued everything in his house according to the measure of response it drew from her well-loved eyes. Sometimes, too, he stared around at his possessions in a dazed way, as though in her actual and astounding presence none of it was any longer real. Once he nearly toppled down a flight of stairs. (Fitzgerald 112)


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Francis Scott Fitzgerald



The Great Gatsby

The greatest writer in 20th century, he captured something essential of America

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