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Earth Sciences

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How can you prepare for a Tsunami?A Tsunami survival kit: A first aid kit, food & water to last a couple of days,radio, flashlight, extra batteries, warm clothes, sleeping things(blanket, sleeping bag, pillow).Building for Tsunamis:make buildings stronger & on stilts. Also make sea walls taller & stronger.Prepare:Find out if your home, school, workplace or other frequently visited locations are in Tsunami hazard areas. Plan evacuation routes from places you stay and go, practice them.


Warning SignsWarning system: Tsunami warning systems can now forcast some tsunamis hours before they arrive,alerting those at risk & giving time to escape. Tsunami signs: A strong earthquake lasting 20 seconds or more near the coast, A noticeable rapid rise or fall in water. Scientists use a machines called seismographs to record seismic waves. Scientists can pinpoint where an undersea earthquake has occurred & calculate where it is going.

Reaction: At first sight of a Tsunami you would find a stable building or any place that would keep you safe to stay in for a while. Stay in a place that is really strong or built on stilts so that when the Tsunami comes, the water would rush right under the building. You could get in a car & drive away from the Tsunami (not a good idea). You should also get things that would help you survive if you were stuck in a building for a couple of days.

Survive: If you got stuck in a Tsunami what would you do?If you follow these steps then you could survive a Tsunami.1. Get to a safe place to stay2. Get food & water to last a while3. Call a rescue helicopter or someone to help you4. If you can, try & find a radio & Flashlight

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Fun Facts1:Tsunami waves can reach heights over 100 feet 2: About 80%of Tsunamis happen within the Pacific Oceans "Ring of Fire"3: Tsunamis can travel up to speeds of 500 miles or 805 kilometers an hour(almost the speed of a jet plane)4: Tsunamis retain their energy, meaning they can travel across entire oceans with limited energy loss5: Tsunami means "harbor wave" in Japanese, reflecting Japan's Tsunami-prone history

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Lives Lost & Location:An earthquake in the Indian Ocean off Indonesia on December 26th 2004, caused a Tsunami that killed 283,000 people in 14 countries.In March 2011, the Tohoku earthquake off the eastern coast of Japan caused a Tsunami that left 15,000 people dead. A Tsunami on April 1946, in Hawaii, off the coast of Hilo island killed 170 people

What causes a Tsunami?1:Generally caused by earthquakes2:Submarine Landslides(Submarine: underwater)3:Submarine volcanic eruptions 4:Very rarely caused by meteorite impact in the ocean.