Francis Marion

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Francis Marion

Francis and his troops fled in to the swamp when the britsh had come upon them so they hid in the swamp and the british couldnt find them

Francis Marionis well know as theSwamp Fox .He fought the british like the indians fought.They would hide in the trees.

Francis Marion

His Horses name wasBall

This ia picture of Francis Marion

Here is a quick videoabout his horse

The picture to the left is a picture of Francis and his troops in the swamp tring to escape the british

Francis marion fought in the sourh. So he fought in virginia south caorlina and many other state in the south on the coast. He fought in gorilla war tactics so he would his troops would hide and wait to ambush the britsh and pick off people one by one starting in the back of the british troops

Francis Marion got his nick name the swamp fox from a britsh officer when francis was backing off of british troops by going in to the swamp.


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