Francis Edouard Chardon

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Francis Edouard Chardon

Francis Edouard Chardon

Francis Edouard Chardon was born in Calcutta, India on October 17th 1865. He was the son of a wealthy indigo planter, Edouard Chardon.

Francis Chardon was brought to England when he was seven years of age where he received his education. He later studied at France and Germany. He studied art in Naples under the renowned Neapolitan artist Joseph Casciaro.

His mother was Maria Theresa Chardon, the daughter of Signor A.M. Rapello. Signor Rapello was also a wealthy man and assisted in placing the Emperor Louis Napoleon on the throne of France.

Edouard Chardon

Maria Theresa Chardon

Cake of indigo used as a dye.



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