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Francis Drake

At age 23, Drake made his first voyage to America. He sailied with his second cousin, Sir John Hawkins on one of his relatives ships, the Hawkins family of Plymouth. In 1568 Drake sailed again but ended up trapped by the Spaniards in the Mexican port of San Juan de Ulúa. He escaped. Following the defeat against the Spinards, Drake vowed revenge.

Drake was the child of Edmund and Mary, and the eldest of 12 boys. Durring their lifetime, there was a religious persecution called the Prayer Book Rebellion in 1549. So Drakes family fled. There his father obtained an order to minister the men in the King's Navy. Drake's father apprenticed Francis to his neighbour, the master of a barque used for coastal trade transporting merchandise to France.



Francis Drake was born in Tavistock, Devon in England. Drake's exact birth day was not formally written but it was around 1540. He died on Jan 27, 1596 at age 55.

Francis Drake married Mary Newman in 1569. She died 12 years later, in 1581. In 1585, Drake married Elizabeth Sydenhamo. After Drake's death, since he had no children, his estate and titles passed on to his nephew Francis.




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After a failed 1589 expedition to Portugal, Drake returned home to England for several years. On the orders of Queen Elizabeth,Drake took one more voyage to attack and destroy the Spanish Fleet at Cadiz in 1587.

Sir Francis Drake becomes mayor of Plymouth in 1581. Drake serves as a member of parliament for Plymouth.Drake raids and destroys many Spanish settlements in the Caribbean in 1585.

Despite complaints from the Spanish government about his piracy, Drake was honored as the first Englishman to circumnavigate the globe and became a popular hero. Several months after his return, Queen Elizabeth personally knighted him aboard the Golden Hind.


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