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Francis Bacon

Francis had goals to discover the truth of science to serve his country and to serve the church. Francis is known as a reformer that liked to simplify law. He opposed dictatorial powers. He spoke against religious persecution. He was an infuence toward the consolidation of the United Kingdom. rancis Bacon died famously of pneumunia when he was studing the effects of freezing on the preservationof meat.


Francis Bacon was a Philosopher/Scientist best known for the Scientific Method, this was the foundation of modern Scientific information.Francis Bacon career really took a great achievment and a step upwords when he wrote a letter of advice to Queen Elizabeth. Bacon had his job in Parliament for almost forty years. He was very active in Politics, law and the Royal Court. He married a Heiress. He worked up the legal and political ranks. He was promoted to Lord Chancellor, one of the highest political offices in England. After being in Jail for four days for accepting bribes and causing corruption in the Parliament he became weak. All this mess caused his career to collapse and now he was able to focus on what he really likes which was the philosophy of science. Bacons new scientific method was gathering data analyzing it and doing experiments to see natures truth. He believed that if science was approched his way it would become a tool to make humans better. He believed he could bring answers to all secrets of the universe. In 1620 Bacon published book one of Novum Organum wich gave him a good reputation of philosopher of science. In 1623, he publishe De Augmentis Scientarium a continuation of his view on scentific reform.

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Francis Bacon


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Francis Bacon's most important achievment was the development of the use of inductive reasong in science. His most important innovation was that a thinker goes beyond the information which he has to make an "Inductive Leap" to a new conclusion. This new form of resoning made the development of science much easier as it suggested to scientists new ways of thinking. These scientificideas advanced in Europe faster then they would have otherwise. The development of these ideas led Europe to become the scientifically most advanced part of the world from the 1600's until the first part of the 1900's.


Francis Bacon was born on January 22, 1561 and died on April 9, 1626. He was born at York. 1579-Francis had to borrow money becausehe got into debt. He studied law at Grays inn to support himself . 1581- his parliamentary career began he was elected MP for Bossiney. 1586- He became Bencher. 1587 - He was elected a reader delivering lectures. 1588- he became MP for Liverpool. 1608 - He took office1618 - Francis Baconis promoted to Lord Chancellor


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