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Francis Bacon

1561- Francis Bacon was born.1573-Went to Cambridge University.1584-Took a seat in parliment for Dorsetshire.1591-Became the confidential advisor to the earl of Essex.1607-Recieved officer of solicitor.1608- Named treasurer of grey's inn1613-Beame attorney general. 1617-Appointed the temporary Regent of England.1618-Made Lord Chancellor1620-Published Novum Organum1621-Sentenced and fined to prison.1623-Published De Augmentis Scientarum1624-Published Apothegms1626- Died from pneumonia.


Francis Bacon was born January 22 1561.His mother was Anne (Cooke) Bacon and his father was Sir Nicholas Bacon.He attended cambridge university for his college education.He married Alice Barnham in 1606. He was an intellignt philosophor during the scientific revolution. He published many books on science and philosophy and practiced the scientific method. many people still use his works ad studys to this day.

He has had many accomplishments in his lifetime. He was very sucessful in royal power with the queen and king at the time. He also had many political jobs like attorney general, treasurer. Lord Chancellor, and temporary Regent of Engand. He also was a very good philosopher, scientist, and author. He practiced the scientific theory throughout all is works. In his lifetime he publised 6 books. most of them on science and the scintific method.

Lasting Impact

After Francis Bacons death he continues to remain highly influencial. he remains influential as a philosophical advocate and a practitioner of the scientific method.


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