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Francis Bacon


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The Scientific Method

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Francis Bacon was famous for inspiring people to think deeper into science. His thought process led to the scientific method. He was a statesman and served as lord of chancellor of England. Bacon was knighted in 1603 in England. He published a book called Francis Bacon The Essays Or Counsels Civil And Moral as shown above. He died from pneumonia by doing a expirament on preserving meat by freezing. That is what Francis Bacon was famous for.


1561: Francis Bacon was born in Strand, London England.1573: Entered Trinity College,Cambridge1576: Entered Gray's Inn with his brother Anthony1579: Sudden death of his father1582: Appointed as outer barister at Gray's Inn.1584: Took a seat in parliament for Dorsetshire.1591: Became confidential advisor to the earl of Essex.1597: Published essays1603: Queen Elizabeth died and was succeeded by James I in whose service Bacon flourished greatly.1607: Received office of solicitor.1608: Named treasurer of Gray's Inn.1613: Became Attorney General.1617: Was appointed as the temporary Regent of England1618: Made Lord Chancellor1620: Published Novum Organum.1621: Charged of corruption, sentenced and fined.1623: Published De Augmentis Scientiarum1624: Published Apothegms.1626: Died of Pneumonia


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