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Social Studies

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A map of France withregions and cities.

A physical map of France

The Alps in France

- French-Provencal-German-Catalan-Basque

These are some languges they speak in France!


Gorges du Verdon River

France is a very diverse country. It has people from Northern Africa to Asia. Many immigrants only come from right across France's borders. In 2004 a law was passed banning students from wearing headscarves, jewish caps, and other religious symbols in school. Muslim women protested that law.

The tallest mountain in France is Mt. Blanc, standing at 15,781 feet on the border of France and Italy.

The Gorges du Verdon Canyon can get to be about 3,000 feet deep!

Native French people started worrying about immigrants after WWII. Immigrants started filling in the job opportunities, taking those away frome native French people. In 1970 the French government limited immigration. In November of 2005 discouraged immigrants began to riot. They Faced ecenomic disadvantages and claimed the government had treated them unfairly. After this French leaders promised to fight discrimination and improve opportunities for the immigrants.

France borders the Medditeranian Sea andhas many islands.

It is common to hear people speaking languages other than French in different cities.

What You Need to Know - The capital of France is Paris! - The population is 59.8 million. - Roman Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim. - Euro is the currency.


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