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Social Studies

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Top Five Tourist Attractions-1) Eiffel Tower2) St Tropez3) Chamonix4) Palace of Versaillies5) Mont Saint-Michel

France byAshley Petros

The French will almost always eat bread with their meal. They will eat croissants. They will also eat salad and soup and you can't forget about coffee.

There are multiple animals in France.. Some basic ones are Red Deer, Roe Deer, and the Wild Boar. Some of the rare aniamls are fallow deer and ibex.

Facts: A tribe called the Franks conquered France. It is named after them. Edith Cresson was the first female Prime Minister. In 2002, Euro Bills and coins were introduced. There is a ban on covering your face such as the garments the Muslim wear. Francois Hollande was the first Socialist President in 17 years.

As of right now France has a population of 64,641,279Their Language is FrenchRoman Catholic-83-88%, Protestant 2%,Jewish 1%, Muslim 5%-10%, Unaffiliated 4%Literacy Rate:All- 99%Male- 99%Female- 99%Gender Difference- 0%

This is Francois HollandeHe is the President ofFrance.

This is a Map of France


This is the France flag. It is red white and blue but their colors mean something different and the colors are places differently.


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