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Social Studies

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The Eiffel Tower• was originally built for...• first drawing of the structure• Fun Fact• Gustave Eiffel conducted experiments on the top of the structure

The Louvre• built in 1190• king at the time was Phillipe Auguste• was not built for residence• Salle Basse• expanded walls. Etttiene Marcel• Transformed by Raymond Du Temple

Worldwide Flying Vehicles

FranceFlight Time: 3:30Gate Numbers: 21 and 23Flight Numbers: 273 and 289Flight Time: 8hrsReturn Date: October 23rdReturn Time: 7:30-8:00 P.M.


The Notre Dame Cathedral• Over 800 years old• Everyone Helped Build• Began to build in 1163• Was dedicated completely to Mary

The main religion in France is Roman Catholic. The absolute location of France is 47.0000 degrees north and 2.0000 degrees east. Three Rivers in France. The mountains in France.


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