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Social Studies
Jewish History

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Star of David- it is the symbol of Jews

The Menorah- one candle is lit per day during hannukah; it symbolizes the "eternal flame"

The dradle- four sided top; it's the center piece of a game played during hannukah


Anti-Semitism:Is prejudice agianstJews

This shows Jews praying at the eastern wall.

This is a Jewish wedding ceremony. They are married underneath a covering, held up by 4 posts.

This image represents how Christianitywas the majority religion in France.

5 Basic Beliefs of Judiasm:1. Still awaiting the messiah2. Study the Torah (first 5 books of Moses)3. Follow Dietary Laws4. Wear head coverings and prayer shawls (Dress)5. Father Abraham

This represents how Jews were almost denied their citizenship in France.

Stereotypes in France1. Around the late 1700s it was debated in France if Jews would be considered citizens or not. They questioned that if Jews could own land, join guilds, and work outside of ghettos; then could they be considered citizens?2. One Jewish stereotype was that they were narrow minded and bigoted. They also belived that this was implied in the Bible. During this time the majority of the people in France were Christians, so some Jews were persecuted just because they were a part of a different religion.

During this time, France was entering the Enlightenment era. The Majority of the people were Christians.The Christians persecuted the Jews because they were different from them. They dressed different, followed dietary laws, and didnt except Jesus as their messiah and studied the Torah. They stongly debated if Jews should even be considered citizens or not.Military officer captain Alfred Dreyfus was arrested for selling state secrets to Germany. After the trial, evidence came up that proved he was actually innocent. His conviction was overturned. This case lead to strong Anti-Sematic feelings. It politically divided the country and violence against Jews errupted.

BY: Madison Little


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