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France Perkins


1882- April 10th she was born.1902 - Graduated from Mount Holyok college 1910 - gradated from Columbia University 1910 - Began striving on behalf of workers as the head of the New York Consumers league1929 - Became the states labor commissioner 1933 - Secretary of Labor1965- May 14th she died

Frances Perkins was the first female to serve in the U.S. presidential cabinet. As secretary of labor, she helped with the New Deal and Social Security.

Frances Perkins was born April 10, 1882 in Boston, Massachusetts. She graduated from Moun t Holyoke college in 1902. Then later graduated from Columbia University in 1910 with Masters degree in sociology. She was married to Paul Caldwell Wilson in 1913 but after his death she resigned from public service. She went on to teach Cornell University's New York State school of Industrial Relations . Frances Perkins then died on May 14, 1965 in New York.


Her legacy of being the first women as a political figure who fought for a better workplace and having minimum wage. She is a role model for many women in the world today.

Frances Perkins



Frances Perkins



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