France exploring north america

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France exploring north america


Their goal was to be rich and powerful. Trade Asian traptees, carpet, and spices.They wanted a Northwest passage to China.Giobanni Da Verrazand discovered the coast line of North Americia.First French European explorer to harbor at New York.1524 they started the exploration.

ABOUT FRANCEOver 17 thousand people were offically tried and executed during the Reign of Terror and an unknown of numbers of people died in prison without trial. Also France's first wirtten constitution echoed the more moderate voices in the assembly, establishing a constitutional monarchy.

France's catholic king and his goverments often persaucuted the Huguenots, and thats the goal of Jean Ribault. He tried to settle in South Carolina,with 150 Huguenots,but they ran out of suplies, so Ribualt went back to France and left 30 men behind. the men killed there leader over starvation so they desided to build clumsy boats and sail to france. They turned into carnovors and ate one another untile a boat rescued them.


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